I consider Michaelangelo to be a jack of many trades and a master of most of them. Many people believe that by limiting oneself to a specific career or discipline we are able to master  it. I tend to differ in opinion, I believe you sometimes need to master one craft in order to master another.


I started out as the good Greek boy, getting my BSc at TUKS, and then working for a bank. I came to my senses just over a year later, and pursued a career in music as a producer/bass player. During a tour to England, I bought my first camera and made a documentary of the band's travels. That was when I fell in love with motion picture.


Since then I have been behind the camera and cutting furiously. I spent many years traveling to sometimes dangerous places, working on documentaries from child slavery and gangs in Haiti to protests in Tienanmen Square. I helmed my first feature as director of photography and editor in 2010 which was a great commercial success.


For me, director of photography is a craft that ages like a good wine. Editing is the cheese; nothing like a great wine with the perfect cheese to compliment it. I believe that it takes a mastering of more than one discipline to nurture an environment that creates great film.


Nicholas Costaras

Director of Photography, Editor


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